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Who is Fitzy Fox? by Amelia Trompf & Jennifer Bruce: HARDBACK


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Product Description

Product Description

Fitzy Fox is feeling befuddled. He always thought he was a dog … but everyone calls him ‘Foxy’. To solve this existential crisis, Fitzy sets out on an expedition that journeys from Melbourne to London, to uncover the truth of his furry identity.

Beautifully illustrated by Jennifer Bruce, the story charmingly captures the cosmopolitan culture of Melbourne’s Fitzroy, as well as the familiar icons of Britain.

Who is Fitzy Fox? is humorous and gentle story that can stimulate conversation with young primary age children about: the search for identity, belonging, helping others, acceptance, individuality and unconditional love.

– See more at: http://www.fitzyfox.com/product/paperback/#sthash.ZpHBy5QI.dpuf


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