Media: Amelia Trompf Bio

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Amelia Trompf is a Melbourne-based children’s author, who is also a trained primary school teacher. Amelia’s debut picture book Who is Fitzy Fox? to be released in September 2016, is a thoughtful but funny story about the quest for identity and unconditional love.

Fitzy Fox is a small furry animal going through a big identity crisis – some people call him Foxy, while others call him Fitzy. He’s not sure whether he is a fox or a dog! Accordingly, Fitzy Fox sets off on a classic journey of existential discovery, which takes him all over Melbourne and across the world to London (just for the day).

Set in Fitzroy, local children will love the familiar streets and landmarks of Fitzroy and the surrounding area. Beautifully illustrated by Jennifer Bruce, the story charmingly captures the cosmopolitan culture and hub of Melbourne’s Fitzroy, as well as some familiar icons of Britain.

Like many children Amelia adored hand-illustrated storybooks and has very fond memories of her mother reading her bedtime stories. Amelia loved creative writing and art at school. She then went on to study creative arts at The University of Melbourne where she majored in printmaking and creative writing. She subsequently completed her postgraduate in education and worked as a primary school teacher for seven years. It was during this time that Amelia’s love of hand-illustrated storybooks was rekindled. Realising the power of picture books in promoting literacy and facilitating class discussions, Amelia started to write stories for her students.

Then feeling a little homesick while living in Scotland five years ago, Amelia wrote the first draft for Who is Fitzy Fox? on a scrap of paper. Now to be published by Little Steps Publishing, Amelia has immensely enjoyed the creative process of bringing her story to life with illustrator Jennifer Bruce and can’t wait to get started on her second book.

Besides writing, Amelia now teaches part-time and spends the rest of the time with her young son who luckily loves reading as much as she does. They spend many hours at the local libraries reading books together. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Amelia’s son to discover mummy wrote a picture book on the library shelf next time they go!


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