June 21 2016

Blog: Making Time with Amelia & Fitzy

Making Time with Amelia and Fitzy is a blog about my combined passion for education and picture books!

Reading with your kids:
Being a teacher, I have seen firsthand the enormous benefit of reading aloud to children and the more actively engaged your children become with the stories they are read, the more they’ll grow to love the world of literature.
Amelia’s Picture Book Craft Challenge
Inspired by the 2009 film Julia and Julia, I am going to attempt my own challenge.  So in the film, Amy Adam’s character Julia Powell set herself a challenge to cook 524 of Julia Fairchild’s recipes from ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ within a year. However, rather than cooking I am going to attempt kid’s craft. Once a fortnight, I am going to make a new craft inspired by a picture book and I’ll post step-by-step instructions on wwwfitzyfox.com and Pinterest. Craft is wonderful for children and it’s even better when it has context and purpose. Your children will love their creations and they’ll get a buzz next time they read the book.

Join me in the challenge or just pick & choose activities as I go along. I promise to keep it simple and inexpensive!
Additionally, I will put my teacher hat on and write some questions that relate to the themes and messages in the book. I’m certainly not suggesting that every time you read a book, you have to ask your child pre-prepared questions or do crafty activities but you might like to try it every now and then and don’t worry, Making Time with Amelia & Fitzy is here to help!

My first book for my challenge will of course be Who is Fitzy Fox? So stay tuned!
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